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What is a Wireless LAN?


  • a means of wirelessly connecting computers

  • once installed a wireless LAN is transparent to the user and performs like a wired LAN                 

  • for small networks (up to 10 users) it is approximately 80% as fast as a 10BaseT wired LAN

  • for larger networks a wireless LAN operates best as an extension to a wired LAN

  • allows you to access servers, email, share files, printers and internet access

  • connects to a wired network backbone through an Access Point

  • gives you freedom to roam with your computer anywhere within range of the Access Point

  • supports ranges of 50m to 100m indoors and 100m to 500m outdoors (depending on the number of walls or obstacles)

  • cover more areas by adding additional Access Points wired together in a cellular fashion

  • wireless modems are available for desktops, laptops or handheld computers and external units with serial, USB or Ethernet interfaces are also available

  • low cost products are available for home use as well as high end products for enterprise networks

What Are The Benefits To You?

  • faster installation time

  • reduced installation costs, no cables!

  • less expensive than running fiber for outdoor applications

  • excellent backup link for outdoor wired links 

  • indoor LANs are more flexible, easily move your desk, or entire office

  • transportable, relocate anywhere and take the network with you

  • network your computer in areas difficult to reach with cables, industrial complexes, historic buildings, environmentally sensitive areas where digging is prohibited



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